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Quality Dance Shoes

The benefits of dance shoes.

For the serious social dancer or competitive dancer

1 / Purpose built for performance.

Dance shoes are purpose built for dancing. As you progress in any active sport or hobby it is important to acquire the proper gear.


Dance shoes are made of durable materials that can stand up to the demanding rigors of serious dancing. They also have certain features, such as a suede soles to help with certain movements within dance along with helping to better feel the floor beneath you.

2 / Designed for comfort and safety.

The benefits of having shoes built for dancing extend beyond just mechanical. Dance shoes fit a with a closer fit, often being likened to glove-like. This helps with keeping your feet healthy as you dance for extended periods and the tighter fit keeps the shoe from rubbing or your foot from sliding within the shoe. It also helps protect the foot from injury while dancing.

3 / Lightweight and Stable

In addition to the already mentioned benefits, dance shoes are often much lighter than regular shoes, allowing the dancer to feel lighter on their feet. The lack of rubber on the sole also prevents it from catching or sticking to the floor making it easier to execute slides, turns, and more.


Having the correct shoes also can aid in stability which is important in all styles of dance.

4 / Fits Can Vary

Dance shoes do differ in various ways from one manufacturer to another, so it is important to consult an expert before making a final decision. That’s where our exceptional staff can help you find the perfect dance shoe that is right for you.

Popular brands we carry: International, Supadance, Dance Club, DANsport, Freed of London, and Ray Rose

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