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That first dance as a married couple is so special, so emotional, and . . . so scary!  Not anymore! It’s easy - just take lessons with us - we can make sure your first dance as an official couple starts off on the right foot.

We have trained many couples for their "big day". No matter if you want to have a simple, but beautiful dance to music that's really special to you both, or if you desire something more elaborate.

Father & Daughter / Son & Mother Dances - no problem!

And, if you want to learn dances to see you through the whole evening, including right through to a bride's or groom's party, an over-the-top extravaganza that could become an overnight YouTube sensation, or just making sure you don't trample over each other's toes - we can help.

We choregraphed our own wedding dance, and people are still talking about it!

Take advantage of our special offer - $49 for 2 dance lessons (45 minutes each lesson) and waltz down the aisle together (or salsa, or rumba, or foxtrot, or cha cha, or two-step...) If you would like to have additional lessons after the first two, you can find prices here.

 If you have any questions, we would be happy to help.

First Dance
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