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DanceWise Shop

Classic DanceWise T-Shirt

In the words of Henry Ford "Any color you like - as long as that color is black". This classic T-Shirt is available in black with the DanceWise logo. $30


DanceWise Shoe Bag

Made for carrying your dance shoes, shoe brush etc., in a DanceWise Blue breathable fabric, with the DanceWise logo printed in white



Owliver's Travels Showcase - Commemorative T-Shirt

This custom T-Shirt was created for the 2022 DanceWise showcase and has Owliver, the custom logo created for the Owliver's Travels - Dancing around the World! Limited edition print.



DanceWise Athletic Jacket

In DanceWise Blue with white piping, use this jacket to stay warm between dances and proudly show off your DanceWise colors



DanceWise Tote Bag

Carry anything that fits in the DanceWise Blue tote bag, with the DanceWise Logo in white.



DanceWise Diva's Dance Pants

Add a little extra flair to your dancing with these exciting fringe dance pants, as seen on the DanceWise Diva's. Different colors and sizes available.


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Purchase on-line or at the reception desk, pick up at the studio

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