• Paul & Julianne Daniells

It's a sign!

Delighted to get our new LED powered sign up at the Studio - no more excuses for "we are in the car park and can't find you!". Great to see Cinema Park where we are based is vibrant and growing again, people are still being safe a wearing masks going into the local shops and restaurants... talking of which we are so lucky to be surrounded by some great restaurants - easy to combine dancing with some dinner. Right next door is the excellent vegan Vedura, on the opposite corner of the large well-lit car park is the Central Phoenix Spinatto's for great Italian cooking, just next door to that is Pita Jungle, Subway for a quick bite is a short "feather step and three step away".. actually you would have to dance it twice maybe, and Weight Watchers if you over-indulge! Ace Hardware is very handy to have, as is the friendly Basha's Supermarket. You can get you nails done, hair cut, taxes sorted out, and dog groomed all in the same location, then just over the road are some excellent upscale dining opportunities. Yes, we are in the ideal location... actually the wisest choice...

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