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Dance Vision Floating Wood Floor

What is a floating wood floor?

The floor is installed using a clipping system which technically has the floor 'floating' on top of the existing floor, allowing for easy installation and removal. Dance Vision's one-of-a-kind clip and groove system has no nails. The clips hold the individual boards together while allowing them to flex while in use. This is known as a "floating floor" system. The clips are totally invisible on the underside of the boards.


Dance Vision beech solid hardwood floor is press-dried to produce unmatched moisture resistance and improves dimensional stability. The quality and performance of this multi-purpose sports floor system protects the health and safety of its users and allows athletes to compete at their highest level. 

Dancing on air

Why is a floating wood floor important?

If you are dancing directly on concrete or on a surface directly attached to concrete (wood, vinyl, tile, or carpet) the impact on the body is approximately three times your body weight!


On a non-floating floor, at first, you will experience fatigue and muscle strain.  As you continue, you can experience shin splints, lower back and knee issues, and possible hairline fractures in your feet. 


It is also important for kids.  Growing bodies with soft bones are even more vulnerable to injury than adults or older students. It is important to reduce the impact on the body to prevent injury. This is done with a floating wood sub-floor.

A floating wood sub-floor is a necessary tool to maintain the health and wellbeing of students and teachers. Floating sub-floors also provide an environment for dancers to excel, take more classes, and feel good about dancing!

These floors have been installed in over 700 dance studios and homes in the United States. It's the same floor as seen on Dancing with the Stars! 

Come check out DanceWise's incredible floating wood floor and feel the difference! 

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