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Learn to Ballroom Dance
It's not all about Dancing with the Stars!

Join our Ballroom dancing community here at DanceWise.

Yes, of course, the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" has helped popularize ballroom dancing, but dancing is so much more than complicated choreography, sequins and one couple dancing at a time - it's a social activity enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day. 

You can learn to dance!

You don't need a partner!

Let Paul & Julianne Daniells guide you through learning the basics of the most popular dances such as Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot and Swing. Then you can come along and dance at out social dance party nights on Saturday - get out, meet new friends, get fit, get happy, get dancing!

Learn to Ballroom Dance

WEDNESDAYS with Paul & Julianne Daniells

Ballroom Dancing

Each month, on every Wednesday night at 7:00pm, learn the basics to a different dance in our “Learn to Ballroom Dance” series of classes.

These 45-min classes are designed by our expert teachers for the absolute beginner who has always wanted to learn to dance but isn’t sure where to start. Ballroom Dancing 101.

Each week will build upon the previous week, ensuring that you can add new steps to your toolbox as you start your dancing journey.


Check the Calendar to see what style we are teaching this month!

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