Group Ballroom Dance Classes

 DanceWise offers group Ballroom classes

on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights 


All classes are 45 minutes.  Group classes are a great way to get started,

and also polish your dance skills.

Ballroom Beginners, Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, $10


July - is West Coast Swing

Each month we focus on a single dance, for example Waltz or Rumba.

This class is intended for beginners (but anybody can join this class)

and we teach the popular basic patterns/choreography which is also known as ‘Bronze’. 


Ballroom Intermediate, Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, $10

July - is Waltz (American Smooth) 

We focus on the same dance for a month, but go into much more depth of technical explanation

or ‘technique’. It’s not so much about the complex patterns/choreography, it’s more about ‘how’ to

do it well. 

Saturday Nights at DanceWise, $10


Every Saturday we have a different dance from the selection of American Ballroom, American Rhythm, International Ballroom & Latin, and frequently the club dances. See the calendar for details on which

dance we are doing.

7:00 pm is our Beginners class (45 minutes in length)

8:00pm is our Intermediate class (45 minutes in length)


Saturday night classes are followed by a social dance practice session starting at 8:45 ending at 11:00 pm.  $10 covers both classes and practice. $10 for the entire night. 

We hope you can join us and dance!


Other group dance classes


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