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DanceWise Divas

Diva's July 2022.png

Whether you perform on stage with the team, or just wish to become a more confident, sassier, and stronger dancer, DanceWise Divas is the perfect fit for you!


Your very first class is ABSOLUTELY free!

DanceWise Divas on-stage at the Madison Center for the Arts 2022

Join the newest, hottest ladies performance team to hit the valley: DanceWise Divas!


Monday nights @ 7pm. 

Join the girls and learn how to strut your stuff in this unique fusion-style performance group.


DanceWise Divas combines elements from ballroom, Broadway, showdance, and so much more to help everyone find their inner dance diva!

Only $10 per lady for a truly special, fun, & unique class!

(45 minutes)

DanceWise Divas
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