Unique Ballroom Dance Workshop

22nd May

3:00 pm & 4:00 pm

Broadway Quickstep & Queen of Hearts Rumba

This workshop combines a class in International Ballroom & Latin American technique

and the opportunity to learn two Sequence dances

What is Sequence Dance?

Sequence dance is extremely popular in Europe and Australia (where it's know as New Vogue)

Sequence Dancing is a style whereby dances are performed “in sequence”, i.e. all dancers do the same steps in the same order, at the same time. In Modern (Ballroom) and Latin American Sequence dancing is usually to either 16 or 32 bars of music.


The dances themselves use standard dance steps, the Broadway Quickstep includes chassis, locks and a spin turn, the Queen of Hearts Rumba uses Fan, elements of sliding doors, New Yorkers (Cross-over breaks), solo spot turns etc.

What makes this class different is the approach taken - it's not just about the learning the steps, you will learn to apply proper Ballroom technique to the dances.

Please bring a partner, there will be no rotation/swapping of partners during the class.

Masks are required.

$25 per person each workshop

$40 per person for both workshops


DanceWise is located at

5555 N. 7th St., Suite 112


AZ 85014.