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Dance Shoes

the benefits of dance shoes.

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1 / They are built for dancing.

Dance shoes are built specifically for dancing. They are meant to endure constant, prolonged movement.


The main difference between ballroom dance shoes and street shoes is that dance shoes have special suede soles which is smooth enough to allow easy dancing and turning on the floor but also prevents sliding. Suede soles are flexible and allow you to feel the floor under your feet.

2 / Comfortable & Happy Feet

As dancers our feet are an integral part of dancing.  They take the brunt of athletic jumps, spins, and turns. Your feet are articulating and moving in ways they don't always move when you go about your day. Tailored shoes for the sport keep your feet in healthy condition.


There are lots of different types of footwear for different dances. There are shoes for Latin American dances, ballroom dances, social dancing, and practice.  


Dance shoes should "fit like a glove”. Always get expert advice on how a particular manufacturer’s shoes run. 

3 / Bust a Move with Support & Stability

Dancing footwear helps the dancer strike the right moves. Plain rubber soles may stick to the wooden floors that many dancers need to glide across. They may jam against other sticky type floors, and they'll wear through quickly compared with your average dancing shoe.

The lightness and flexibility of most types of shoes tailored for dancing help the dancer gain balance and feel comfortable for hours at a time without growing fatigued or pained. 

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